Harp Nomad Foundation


The Harp Nomad Foundation is spreading the culture of Healing Harp Music. We use our harp and music to focus on relaxation, meditation and the inner journey of self awareness. The harp is an instrument that can help you connect with your emotions and feelings and your inner being in your heart. Then,  If you are in nature and you embrace the silence, the beautifull voice of the harp will sing her own song. When we are in touch with our inner harmony, we like some good dance or jazz music on the harp as well as to stand out of the crowd and give a performance with musical circus theatrics around the harp.


We offer harp lessons and harps for rent. We would like to build your harp together with you.  and building by providing harp lessons and performances. It is our mission to make harps more affordable and accessible and more suited for traveling. That is why we are developing and making our own building kits for Nomad Harps. We dream of a tribe of traveling Harp Nomads, who use the harp to open up the hearts and minds of people and this way make the world more beautiful, sacred and peacefull.



We want all willing people to be incluled in the joy of harp playing, also people with low incomes, or people with spetcial needs or disabilities. Among our students are people with autism and also blind ones.  For many people playing harp has been an unfulfilled  dream, because harps are expensive.  And many people dream of a nomadic life style, but lack the resources, guidance or coaching. This is esscpecially true for people with disabilities. They need a personal assistant or life coach to take care of all their basic needs, because if not, life can be unbearable at times, like a bird in cage.

So, We want to be able to provide future Harp Nomads with all their basic needs, meaning we teach them how to play and work with the harp as a healing instrument as well as how to build and take care of the harp. We are also willing to support harp players who are committed to our vision and mission with the basic support for their healing harp nomad life style, meaning we woul like to be able to take care of their accomdation, travel expenses and board and lodging. However we don't have the resources to do so.


How we deal with money

We are a non profit organisation, meaning that all our incomes will be dedicated towards our vision and mission. However we have plenty of costs to run our organisation and for materials, tools, accomodation and travel expenses. To make our dreams and ambitions happen costs even more money. If the world would be full of peace ann without money we would hapily give away our harps for free. Until that day comes we kindly ask you to pay for our services in accordance with the value you see fit and can afford.

If you love our music and the work what we do, it would be very much appreciated that you pay us the same price as any harp builder and performer who is trying to make a living. If you have little money, you can also do volunteer work. For example, you can help us with online marketing and sales, work on this website, updating our soical media accounts or help us out at festivals, venues or school demonstration with general assistance. You can also involve us in the local harp project of your dreams at your school or area, or help us out in the worksop building harps, Please note that if you have enough income or savings to pay us a desent amount, this will enable us to give the same harp favors to people in need, or who are less fortunate than you.

Also you can sponsor us to buy our CD as well as merchandise when released. Donations to the Harp Nomad Foundation are being spend with the greatest considerations.



We feel that the best way to experience the harp coming into it's own is outdoors in the serenity of nature, surrounded by monumental trees in beautifull landscapes with panoramic views. Esspecially in those magis moments when the wind touches the strings as if it is God Himself plying the harp.This gives a sense of peace and wounder and also let us appreciate more the world we live in.  On top of the harp helping us more to connect with our true self, this way the harp also invites us to connect with and take care of nature.

As for our instrument building we 

Our Team

Currently the foundation is a one man band, meaning everything is done by our founder and chairman Antoine Theunissen. This is what he tells about himself:

"I am no typical harpist. I like to add more colour in the world by using the harp in creative ways with acrobatics, theater, storyting. The sky is not the limit.
Over the years I went a lot to festivals, as an artist, to give workshops and also as participant. Because of my autism I bumped into a lot of problems: with the preparation the journey, but also during the festivals. Often my expectations did not match with the reality and cultural code of the occasion. Now I have found people around me who support me as an artist, my vision and my ambitions. They guide me on my way to turn my dreams into reality with my foundation"

About our harps

The harp is a family of stringed instruments. We perform and teach with pocket-size mouth harps, or tall wind harps with strings up to 4 meters and everything in between like more common celtic lever harps, South American Folk Harps and even a cross strung harp. Out of practicality we have no pedal harps. They are too expensive and not made for traveling.

As for our instrument building we try to upcycle rest materials as much as possible. Often we get our hands on good quality wood of furnitare makers. Our soundboards are made from  the best quality of Norway spruce growing high up in the Alps. Up there the growing season is very short. This way the growing rings are space closely together. The result is strong and thin wood with amzing rezonance. 
 Harps for children under the age of 6 we use PVC coming from building yards.