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The 6|6 Chromatic Cross Strung Harp

This harp was invented and construceted by Instrument builder Henri Pape in 1845. Sadly nobody wanted to buy it. In 1997 a harp with the same string layout was built by Christoph Pampuch in coproduction with my harp building teacher Andre Schubert. Nowadays we a small minority among the harp players with 150-200 players worldwide. This harp still awaits recognition by the academic music world. More info about the harp and the amazing people who have the skills to play it on

Jews Harp

It doesn't look much, but with a tiny rod which vibrates between this Bamboe Wooden jews harp, you are able to make the coolest of overtones. The only thing you have to do is change the volume of your mouth. Also nice is that you can sing at the same time. Throatsingen, beatboxing, itall possible while playing jews harp.

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