Harp Teaching

You can only know you can play the harp if you have tried it. First you need to relax and learn how to play with joy on the harp. Then, with patience, you can embrace the silence and hear the harp sing her own song, one string at a time. 

Harp lessons

We offer harp lessons on location. UsualIy this is in or at the residence of Antoine.  Our teachers can also come to your house, school, or venue. Of course we bring our harps.  Our harp lessons are given to individuals as well as small groups of max 5 people for the introduction lesson and for playing harp together.


Antoine is specialised on the 6|6 chromatic cross strung harp as well as celtic lever harps. He learns you the basics of how to play the instrument as well as a broad foundation in music theroy for improvisation and composition. He mainly teaches by ear, but if you like sheet music that's fine. 

If you like to dance and jump around with your harp you can also ask for circus harp lessons. 

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